Press Statement 4/15/2021 from Attorney Traci Carrillo, Victim’s Right Attorney for Esther Lemus. 

To see the full Press Statement in original .pdf format, please click this link: Press Release 04/15/2021


Re: Dominic Foppoli 

Numerous news media outlets have requested a response by Councilmember Esther Lemus as to her reaction to last night’s Town Council Meeting. She provides this following written statement: 

“Although I had to recuse myself from last night’s meeting, I watched the meeting. As an elected official, I take our community members, their words, and their experiences very seriously. Yesterday’s meeting opened a lot of deep wounds for myself, the other victims and our community. 

As your elected official, I have immediately begun looking into the following: 

  1. Policies and procedures we can put into place if an elected official is accused of misconduct. We need a system in place as to what kind of investigation will take place and what will be done with the findings. 
  2. We need internal practices for addressing the emotional and psychological harm and trauma caused to the internal organization and employees. 
  3. We need practices and community outreach to promote healing and the rebuilding of trust within the community (for example healing circles or making available a drop in counselor to the community at our cost). 
  4. If we need to consult with an outside expert on these issues, I would be completely supportive. 

It is clear we have a lot of work to do moving forward. 

I look forward to leading institutional change to directly respond to our failures in leadership. I will work tirelessly to help unite us and move forward towards healing.”